Curonian Spit Backroad Adventure

Charly came to us from Olga and Jan in Germany, he is the King and a true gentleman.

Finally I get the show dog i have been dreaming about, he loves the ring and the attention. 

In May we will go to our first obedience class together and after that we will start agility.


DOB: 11.05.2007

Height: 61 cm

HD: A1

Eyes: Clear

COI 9.5 10 generations



Degana Cash up front

Wink‘s Love Me For The Money

Litilann‘s Roland Of Shelazar

Markan Good Girls Don´t

Degana Barbican Anything Goes

Degana Cole Porter

Barbican Maenell High Light



Ginette Comtess vom Swenter Moor

Torbec Full of promises

Torbec Road to Fame

Stentorp Torbec Lady Fame

Birdy vom Swenter Moor

Dassin Dover

Ragazza Romana vom Swenter Moor



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