We are a small Kennel and our goal is to someday breed healthy and happy Standard Poodles.
We are a member of The Icelandic kennel Club (HRFI) member of the FCI.

I don't have a kennel name at the moment but I am working on some smart names..

My name is Thordis Bjorg and I have been in love with dogs since I was born. My first words where not mom but woof ..
In 1997 I sold my Icelandic Pony and bought a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel female. She was a really good pet but not much of a show dog but we went to every show because we loved it. Thea, my Cavalier had two litters and unfortunately died after the second one she was only 6 years old.  After Thea I took a little dog break.

In 2005 I met Joi my fiance and the day we started dating he got a Yellow Lab named Hugo. He was amazing and a really big dog, but he died only 10 months old of heart failure called Cardiomyopathy.

Well again we took a little dog break and started looking for the perfect breed. I wanted something that did not shed, so we looked at Bichon Frises and Cairn Terriers and lots of other breeds but then Joi said I want something big, and then the only option was Standard Poodle. Standard Poodles's have been my dream dogs since I saw Daphne the Standard in "Look who´s talking now" when I was 9 years old. I took a lot of convincing to get people to accept that I wanted a poodle but once I told Joi and my family that they where hunting dogs that did not shed everyone started warming up to the idea.

So in October 2007 Dima was born. She was one of nine puppies born in the first Apricot litter in Iceland. On 31.12.2007 Dima came home to us. She was nothing like the Labrador much more lady like. After just a few months with Dima I wanted another one, I think that is the only problem with poodles one is not enough. So I knew I had to import one if I wanted another one. So I started looking, I was on the Internet 24/7 looking at pedigrees and looking for dogs available. And in July '08 I found Charly.

Charly came to Iceland in sept´08  first he had to go to quarantine for four weeks, and boy where they the four longest weeks of my life. But it was worth the wait, Charly is the king.. So sweet and happy, he loves everyone.

Now I am looking for the third Poodle and if everything works out well maybe we will have puppies someday.

What can I say, I found my breed.

Standard Poodles are just endless fun and so smart and loyal.

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